Factory as Real Time Observatory

Seafood Factory as Real Time Observatory

The industrial workplace is evolving as described by the industry 4.0 framework. Machines on the factory floor are evolving from following fixed programs to devices that sense human behavior and ever changing production dynamics in real time, allowing for ad-hoc adaptation and responsiveness.

With the increase of networked information technologies pervasively implemented in the industrial workplace, seafood processing factories are collecting growing amounts of data about the seafood that is being processed, its origin and species identity, its physical characteristics as well as the way it is being prepared.

The Factory as Real Time Observatory project looks at tomorrow’s seafood processing plant as a real time observatory that is able to collect as well as publicly display a wide range of real time data about seafood, its origin and the state of seafood populations as part of its everyday operations. The seafood processing plant, in this way, becomes a digital canvas allowing for public engagement as well as joining the network of existing sensor infrastructures that provide insight into the state of our oceans and its wildlife.

This project explores ways in which data generated by responsive machines at industrial workplaces in the seafood industry can be visualized and made accessible to disclose new value.


Kristian Kloeckl, Pat Dawson